Choose parts to build your own computer


This is the part where you as the customer can create your own creative machine that suits your every need, but with this comes responsibility. You as the customer is completely liable for what you order off of this page, so make 100% sure that all the components are compatible with each other by making reference to the description of the product. When you order a set of parts, JagerTech will assess the parts to make sure that everything is compatible, if not the customer will have to reorder for the PC to enable JagerTech to build the computer for the respective client.

Make sure to add the fee for installation, otherwise JagerTech will not manufacture or ship the computer to the buyer. 

All PC's sold by JagerTech comes standard with an unregistered version of Windows 10, if the buyer wishes to have a fully activated version of Windows 10, it will have to be added to the cart off of this page.




Graphics card

Hard Drives

Power Supply

Pc boxes



Windows 10 Software

installation costs